Guest Chef Series

Sharing traditions, nourishing community

The Depot is proud to present a transformative series that not only tackles food insecurity but also celebrates and empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to lead and share their culinary traditions. Each session, a different newly-arrived participant assumes the role of lead chef, infusing their own traditions, flavors, and culinary expertise into the menu.

The Depot chef supports each guest chef to scale their recipes for the 200 people who come in for a meal. They gain valuable Canadian work experience and lead volunteers in preparing the meal.  We offer an honorarium to recognize their expertise and to acknowledge the cultural wealth these participants bring to our society. This program not only enriches the gastronomic experience for all Depot participants but also promotes a sense of pride and openness within the diverse community we serve. For each session, we format and distribute a recipe handout for the dish so that people can try it at home.This series embodies our values of openness and collaboration and fosters a supportive environment, where volunteers and participants learn about different cuisines, develop culinary skills, and forge meaningful connections.



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