Our Staff

Behind-the-scenes and on-the-scenes, Alejandra plans, organizes and animates in the collective gardens. She sees food as our medicine and gardening as a way to share knowledge and build and transform community. While she loves languages and bike maintenance, her ideal Friday night involves cooking with friends, making music or reading.
Alejandra Pérez
Urban Agriculture Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 216
Anastasia is one of the collective garden facilitators at the Depot. They are passionate about building resilient, healthy food systems and community, something especially necessary with worsening climate change. Outside of the gardens you can find them doing visual art, working on bikes, and playing accordion! 
Anastasia Sylenko
Collective Garden Facilitator
514 483 4680
Beccah works to support and create learning opportunities for youth participants at The Depot and keeps our growing Boîte à Lunch after-school programs in NDG, Centre-Sud and Saint-Michel networked and healthy. She’s fiercely passionate about pedagogy, riding her road bike, and baking delicious treats.
Beccah Frasier
Youth Programs Coordinator & Regional Coordinator for Boîte à Lunch
514 483 4680 x 211
Talking about the amazing programs at The Depot is such a pleasure! Bonnie loves finding ways the community can engage with us in this work and have an impact on people’s lives in a meaningful way. Aside from fundraising, birds are her passion and you can find her looking up just about anywhere!
Bonnie Soutar
Director of Development
514 483 4680 x 200
Caitlin works with the Food Skills team to make sure programs are running smoothly, and coordinates the twice-weekly Community Meal Program.  In her spare time she hikes, swims, gardens, and reads, all the while dreaming of databases. Every time she wishes her life was more exciting, a piece of kitchen equipment falls apart.
Caitlin Hayward
Food Skills Manager
514 483 4680 x 209
Mother of two, Carole-Anne holds a degree in Agronomy from McGill University. She chose urban agriculture as a way of improving people’s quality of life through the creation of edible spaces in cities. In her free time, she enjoys mountain treks and, surprise, gardening!
Carole-Anne Lapierre
Project Coordinator for Ça pousse!
514 483 4680 x 207
Dahlia coordinates our after-school cooking workshops, sharing her passion for all things food. In her spare time, Dahlia loves nothing more than to lose herself in a good book, however, she is content just to garden, knit or spoil her cats. And also share a meal with friends.
Dahlia Chan Tang
Boîte à Lunch NDG Coordinator
514-483-4680 x 218
Daniel is interested in innovative solutions to social problems and believes meaningful collaboration is the key to success. Prior to coming to The Depot, he worked as a consultant for social economy projects in Montreal and abroad. He loves to travel, but maybe a bit less these days since it involves an absurd amount of luggage for his growing family.
Daniel Rotman
Executive Director
514 483 4680 x 207
Daniel has worked in food security for nearly 10 years. Experienced in logistics and interested in social inclusion, Daniel supplies and organizes The Depot to provide for the kitchen’s meals and the 400 emergency food baskets distributed each week. His passions include stouts and hiking in national parks.
Daniel Roy
Food Sourcing and Distribution Manager
514 483 4680 x 220
James is the community chef with The Depot’s community meal program. He oversees the production of over 400 meals a week made by volunteers. James came to The Depot after a decade of work in the industry, from hotels to catering, and has experience in a wide array of different types of cuisine. His passion is food made with anything you grew yourself.
James Barrington
Community Chef
514 483 4680 x 221
Jen is on leave until Fall 2019. Vivian Ly is her replacement during this time.
Jennifer Brennan
Nutrition Coordinator & Community Kitchens Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 210
Julie manages the Depot’s volunteer program. Experienced in community development and public policy, she is passionate about building better, more equitable communities and strengthening our collective social programs. When she isn’t buried under volunteer schedules, Julie enjoys sharing cromulent meals with her family and quoting Simpsons episodes.
Julie Kourakos
Volunteer Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 204
With a decade of experience growing urban agriculture and food security initiatives, Kim contributes planning, operational and evaluation support to the Depot’s programs. She is passionate about food’s capacity to connect us to each other and the environment, and how it reflects culture and politics. In a parallel life Kim is a painter with a passion for music, cooking, gardening, biking and travel adventures.
Kim Fox
Director of Programming
514 483 4680 x 203
Lauren works behind-the-scenes to make sure our gardens, garden workshops, and Ça pousse! social business all grow and thrive. She’s been involved in urban agriculture in NDG for almost a decade and believes in the power of connecting with our food and environment. She’s also passionate about underwater basket-weaving and leads snorkelling expeditions to educate people about this rare art form.
Lauren Pochereva
Ça pousse! and Urban Agriculture Manager
514 483 4680 x 217
Marguerite has had several careers in rural development, international cooperation, capacity development and training.  She gets a kick out of community development. Now, at The Depot, she carries out functions in administration, finance and human resource management.
Marguerite Kinfack
Administrative and Financial Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 219
With a background in sustainability and recreation, Mel is interested in improving accessibility to healthy food while reducing waste and engaging the community. On the weekends she can be found sitting by the lake, baking a cake or taking care of her many houseplants.
Melanie Romer
Good Food Market Assistant
Mikhail oversees the set-up and distribution of our emergency food baskets, manages donations and stocks, and answers questions from the distribution volunteers and participants. Mikhail is interested in the functioning of public services and non-profits. He loves to travel, discover Quebec, and admire its nature.
Mikhail Iuliugin
Distribution Assistant
Mona has been passionate about communities and the environment for about as long as they can remember. They worked in architecture, academia, international development and community organizing before coming to The Depot, where they produce a constant stream of posters and flyers and get worked up over consistent comma usage.
Mona Luxion
Communications Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 222
A former member of the Cantaloup garden and NDG resident, Nancy recognizes the value of healthy food systems and has a strong connection to the earth and the community. She brings strength and enthusiasm to our team.
Nancy Mainville
Collective Garden Facilitator
514 483 4680
Believing that our society needs a revolution, Nicolas does his part by furthering the Depot’s mission and strengthening local distribution networks within our communities. When not selling fruits and vegetables, he takes care of his family, drinks apple juice and daydreams about being a pop singer.
Nicolas Braesch
Market Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 208
Philippe is our Ça pousse! sales and outreach person. When not spreading the word about the benefits of urban agriculture or sharing a delicious meal with friends and neighbours at the Depot’s programming space, Philippe is probably at home in the darkroom or brewing a mean kombucha.
Philippe Teixeira St-Cyr
Ça Pousse Sales and Outreach
514 483 4680 x 223
Sofie organises, supports, and animates the community gardens in NDG. Rooted in her upbringing at a farm in Sweden and her research on urban agriculture in Latin America, Sofie believes food has the power to connect people with each other and with nature. When not growing, cooking, eating, or thinking about food, you might find her doing yoga or biking through Montreal to check out some live jazz.
Sofie Olsson
Community Gardens Facilitator
514 483 4680 x 216
Susan collaborates directly with Depot participants, volunteers and staff – building community, animating programs, sharing resources, making referrals and giving individual support around food insecurity and other issues. When not visiting her home planet, she hangs out in the woods dancing with the flower fairies and tree elves.
Susan Munro
Support and Referral Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 206
Vivian is a registered nutritionist and recent M.Sc. graduate from McGill University. Her love for food stems from childhood adventures in the kitchen with her grandmother. Now at The Depot, Vivian works to coordinate cooking and nutrition workshops, in hopes of connecting people from diverse experiences through healthy and delicious foods. In her spare time, Vivian is exploring new cafés and baking mug cakes.
Vivian Ly
Interim Nutrition Coordinator
& Community Kitchens Coordinator
514 483 4680 x 210


Summer Youth Interns
Our fantastic team of interns — Khayden, June, Sahar, Victoria, Jeremy, and Acacias — help keep our cooking workshops, community meals, communications, gardens, markets, and volunteer program running over the summer!
Food Skills Facilitators
Our Food Skills Facilitators are a committed group of chefs, nutritionists, teachers, and students who have in common their passion for cooking and sharing healthy food with our community members. You’ll find them running the show in all our Community Kitchen and Boîte à Lunch workshops!
Ça Pousse! Facilitators
Our Ça Pousse! team works hard to build new gardens and offer workshops and garden sessions to students, seniors, and the Montreal community at large. Through our Ça Pousse! projects we improve the urban ecosystem, promote health and wellness, and use the power of growing food to connect people to their environment and each other.