COVID-19 Response

What is The Depot doing during the COVID-19 outbreak?

We have greatly expanded our Emergency Food Basket program while suspending other programming to allow people to stay home and respect social distancing protocols. Since March 20th, 2020, we have been providing extra-large baskets of staples and fresh foods to families in financial difficulty across our territory. We have moved to a home delivery model, reaching 250-400 households weekly.

Before this crisis, one in every three children in our community  lived below the poverty line. With many more people facing economic precarity, we’re seeing hundreds of new registrations for our emergency services. To meet this increased demand we are using 4+ times as much food as normal — Since March 15th, The Depot has delivered over 175,000 pounds of healthy food to over 5,000 people in our community. To put that into perspective, that’s more people than we reached in 2019 and more than 80% of the food we gave it out in emergency food baskets in the entire year.

How can you help?

Donate to our Healthy Food Fund

Right now, our biggest need is for financial support to purchase, prepare and deliver healthy emergency food baskets.  You can donate online now at


Put your talents and your networks to work to support your community

Now would be a wonderful time to flex your creative muscles and host a virtual fundraiser for the Depot. You can register a virtual fundraiser with us through CanadaHelps, or organize your own event and send us the proceeds.

Reach out to if you need any support. We hope to share your efforts on our social media so you can inspire others!

Donate food

While we are unable to accept food donations from individuals during this crisis, if you are a restaurant, institution or supplier who would like to donate fresh or staple foods in large quantities, please get in touch at Thank you!


For health and safety reasons, we’re keeping our team small and aren’t currently accepting volunteers. If you would like to become a volunteer later on, fill out our volunteer interest form and we will keep you informed if opportunities arise at a later date.