Social Justice Club

Learning and acting together to transform our neighbourhood.

The Social Justice Club (SJC) is a community group of The Depot. SJC participants meet regularly at the Depot to discuss social justice issues* and to imagine, together, ways to initiate change in our neighbourhood. 

*Social justice: Justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within a society. 

How to get involved?

Social Justice Call Out

The group is open to all. Come to one of our public events, posted on our Facebook PageSo that we may have a group that represents the diversity of the population, we encourage people who identify with one or more marginalized or minority groups* to take part in our meetings. 

*Marginalised/minority groups include, but are not limited to: women; Aboriginal, Black or racialized people; LGBTQA+ people; religious minorities; people with disabilities; people with “lower” social status or class, etc.


Contact  SUSAN MUNRO for more information

EMAIL or call 514-483-4680 x 223