Our Anti-Oppression Commitments

We recognize the historical and ongoing forms of oppression, including colonialism, racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and heterosexism that have led to and perpetuate current inequities.

We recognize that the current food charity model is not the solution to systemic hunger.

We recognize the urgency of the work we are engaged in, and also know that care and centering experiences of people with lived experience is critical to finding solutions to the complex problems of our time.

We recognize that any form of injustice erodes all social agendas.

That is why it is critical to us to make these public commitments, recognizing the role we play as individuals, as an organization, and a part of a complex society to work in countering the many forms of oppression that make it impossible for everyone to thrive.  

In making these commitments publicly, it is our intention to hold ourselves accountable to them. 

We note that this is an iterative and living document and may change and evolve with time as we learn and reflect on this work.

  1. The Depot commits to challenging the status quo by adapting to a model that strives to find long-term solutions while responding to the immediate needs of the community 
  2. The Depot commits to building strategic partnerships and engaging in food justice and anti-poverty advocacy 
  3. The Depot commits to creating spaces for dialogue and meaningful exchange with participants to inform our operations, programming and advocacy work
  4. The Depot commits to ongoing learning and unlearning about anti-oppression, alongside volunteers, participants, and other stakeholders
  5. The Depot commits to creating and continuously reviewing policies and practices which embed anti-oppression in our work
  6. The Depot commits to increasing the diversity of our staff and board
  7. The Depot commits to creating a safer, more caring and more inclusive work environment
  8. The Depot commits to centering inclusion, belonging, equity and accessibility across all our programs
  9. The Depot commits to ongoing communication and transparency around our anti-oppression work in order to ensure accountability