Boîte à Lunch: Primary

Boîte à Lunch’s elementary workshops are open to students in grades 4 and 5. Students learn to prepare nutritious meals that they can bring to school the next day for lunch.

What we offer:

  • *Two 10-week sessions of educational cooking and healthy eating workshops per year for youth in grades 4 and 5.

*Interactive educational activities on a variety of food literacy themes.

  • Interactive educational activities on a variety of food literacy themes.
  • Team preparation of nutritious and delicious culturally-diverse recipes that can be easily replicated at home, including reading and comprehension of recipe steps, familiarization with new ingredients and kitchen tools necessary for the recipes, and the recipe preparation itself. 
  • The contents of a healthy lunch box for each participant after each workshop.
  • Take-home challenges that encourage parents and children to cook together.
  • A recipe book for each child to take home upon completion of the session, so they can reproduce the recipes at home.
  • A safe, fun, collaborative and encouraging learning environment.
  • Exposure to other community resources available to families.


Our workshops are completely free. Registration takes place in September for our Fall session and in February for our Winter session.

To register for our primary workshops, see the list of our locations and registration forms here.