Media Coverage

Recent media pieces

“Le Dépot: là où riment alimentation saine et justice sociale”
Journal Métro – November 2022

“Demand for food bank services ‘explodes’ in Quebec, according to report”
Global News – October 2022

CBC Montreal News
CBC Montreal News (from minute 20:17 – 24:07) – October 2022

“Does freezing some grocery store prices help your wallet?”
CBC Listen – October 2022

“While gasoline got a little cheaper, food prices continue their increase”
CBC Listen – August 2022

“N.D.G. organization expresses housing frustrations with art”
Montreal Gazette – June 2022

“Struggling to find affordable housing before moving day”
CBC Montreal News (from minute 4:30 to 5:30) – June 2022

“Record inflation is endangering food security and putting people at risk”
Montreal Gazette – June 2022

“How Much will $500 help Quebecers cope with the rising cost of living?”
CBC – March 2022

“Cost of living increases hurting Montreal citizens, charities”
Global News – March 2022

“Demand for emergency food baskets is on the rise — again”
Montreal Gazette – February 2022

“Food Insecurity on the Rise”
Global News – January 2022

“Checking in with The Depot Community Food Center”
CBC Listen – January 2022

“Une épicerie solidaire pour faire face à l’embourgeoisement dans le Centre-Sud”
Radio Canada – January 2022

The Depot is recognized as Quebec’s first Community Food Centre

(June/July 2018)

“From deep roots, NDG Food Depot emerges with new name, expanded role”
Montreal Gazette – June 2018

“Un plat de fèves et beaucoup de réconfort”
La Presse – July 2018

Interview with Daniel Rotman, Executive Director
CTV Montreal – June 2018

“NDG Food Depot gets new name, expanded mandate”
CBC Montreal – June 2018

Earlier coverage

“Volunteers brave cold at Montreal food drives”
CTV Montreal – December 2018

“The Depot Community Food Centre to hold its Annual Fund and Food Drive Dec. 8”
The Suburban – December 2018

“Should Quebec elementary and high school students have a taxpayer-funded lunch each day?”
Global News – September 2018

“Une carte de la faim à Montréal”
La Presse- May 2018

“La pauvreté présente dans tous les quartiers de Montréal”
Radio Canada – December 2017

“Open house at the NDG Food Depot — and a light supper”
Montreal Gazette – November 2017

“N.D.G. Food Depot finally finds a new home on Somerled Ave.”
Montreal Gazette – August 2017

“A fresh approach at the N.D.G. Food Depot”
Montreal Gazette – July 2015